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  1. Yekshimash, Do you have a big khrram? Can I touch?
  2. And Gypsies, can they play or is best to keep them away?
  3. In America, women can vote but horse cannot. It is the other way around in my country.
  4. I want to do a romance inside of you.
  5. Why don't you put wife in cage? They escape if you do not.
  6. Can you do a dirt in there?
  7. In Kazhakstan we have many hobbies: disco dancing, archery, rape and table tennis.
  8. He will say many bad things, but that is because he is a liar. (what his boss would say about him)
  9. This one I have to pay money for, but she worth it! Wow wow wee waa!
  10. If you vote for him he will make sure you and your family have a good years. If you do not.... you will be sorry.
  11. In my country there is a problem. And that problem is the Jew. They take everybody money. And they never give it back.

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